Netgear Router Login – Router Setup, Username & Password

The router is now a basic need for very business or house. Everyone has a mobile these days and need a high speed connectivity to read, stream videos, play games and even for basic work. Netgear router is considered as one of the best routers as they provide advanced technology according to the use. It comes with advanced technology so that you can surf safer and high-speed internet. With this router, you can connect all your devices like mobile, tablet, Laptop, and other devices. The Netgear can easily connect with the wireless devices on a wide range. It provides a wide range of Wifi router according to the features and the uses. These routers are designed to wireless connectivity over your office, home, Schools.

netgear login

When you buy a router the first thing you do is connect it to the modem. After the complete setup, you go for login your router. The router login is the crucial part as it helps to set up your wireless internet. In this guide, you will learn all about to set up your router and login in your Netgear router. The login can access you some of the advanced features of the Netgear routers like changing username and password of the router, changing Wifi username and password and parental control.

What are the Router Login IPs?

There are some standard IP for the router that helps the users to access the admin section. These Ips helps user tp access routers login page where they have to enter the login credentials. All the router have a different set of credentials to log in to the router. You can find the credentials on the back of your router along with your username and password are written on it. Some of the Popular IP address of router are, and From these is the most used Ip address.

What is my Netgear login IP?

The default IP for Netgear login is and you can access it by entering in it in the browser address bar. This is let you access all the admin features and you can control your internet hours as well as disconnect any of the wifi devices. You can fix the slow internet problems and changing the username and password credentials form it.

How to Login in Netgear Routers With

After knowing your Router Ip you can go step forward for the login step. You have to enter the Ip address in the website section of your browser. Then you have to provide the username and password of your router. Here is the step to step guide for you.

1. Open any browser in your Computer your mobile phone.
2. Enter your router Ip in the website section of your browser.
3. You are then redirected to the admin section when it asks for username and password
4. Enter the exact username – admin and password – in their respective section and press ok.
5. Congrats you have now reached the admin section and now you can change username and password of router and more.

How to login in Netgear Router with works like the default IP address of the Netgear router. This will let access the advanced features which you are lacking from. Here how can you access with

1. On your computer or laptop open any browser like Chrome or firefox.
2. On the address bar of the browser write and press ok.
3. This will redirect you to the Netgear login page.
4. Enter the correct username – admin and password – admin, credentials to the respective fields.
5. Now, you are on the admin panel and you can change the username and password the router to keep it safe.

Unable to access to or IP?

If you are unable too access the or IP with your computer or laptop here what can you to make it work.

  1. Make sure the power cable of the router is connected and it’s switched on.
  2. Check if your desktop or laptop is properly connected with an ethernet cable.
  3. Make sure you have entered the correct or on your browser.
  4. Check you have entered the right username or password from above.
  5. Change your browser and repeat the same steps.
  6. Reset the router and wait for some time.
  7. If the problem still persist Connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Note: – You can also establish a wifi connection from the admin section as well as changing the wifi name and password.

What if you Forgot Router Login Credentials?

If you are the new user then you can go for the default username and password credentials of your Netgear router. The default username and password for Netgear router are admin and admin.

If you forget the login credentials all you need to do is to reset your router. The reset button is mainly placed at the back of the router you just have to press it for 5 seconds with a sharp object pen. Now your router login credential is been resent to the default one and you can access it with the above-shared credentials.

Facing Problems while Login Router?

If you are facing some problems while you did all the right things mentioned above then check these following things.

1. Check if the Ip address you have entered is correct or not.
2. Check whether the router power is on or not. Check the button on the router too.
3. Check if the RJ45 cable is properly connected or not.
4. If you think everything you did is right then you can go for reset.
5. If the problems still aren’t solved then contact customer care.

Features Of Netgear Router

Netgear Genie
This is a smart setup which you get once you access to your router admin panel. The router needs to connect to your pc and laptop while using this wizard. This wizard is very easy and also has an easy user interface. it provides the function like Parental controls, Wireless connection and more.

Beamforming Technology
Beamforming technology is a signal processing technique used by Netgear to get directional signal transmission. Netgear Beforming Technology helps to focus the signal to your connected device like mobile, tablet and laptop to get the maximum speed.

Support Dual Bands
Dual band is the capability of the Netgear router to transmit the signal on the 5Ghz as well as 2.4Ghz band. It keeps the device connected to the router and help to established a perfect network.

Advanced Technology

Netgear Wifi router is build using the advanced technology and this it can transmit the high speed internet with 100% accuracy. These routers technology also keep on updating day by day.

Netgear Genie Setup

After you login with the default Netgear credential, you can access the Netgear features. You will get functions like Home, wireless, Attached Devices, Qos, Parental Controls, ReadyShare, Guest Network on the right side. Lets us elaborate on some important functions.

In the Home section, you will see all the statics about the Internet status, Wifi strength, No. of Attached Device, Parental control, and more useful features.

Internet: This section holds most of the Important Features of the Netgear router. In the first option, you can decide whether your Internet connection requires a login connection or not. In the second option, you can decide whether you need a static IP or a dynamic IP but it mainly depends on the internet service provider. If your internet is working slowly then configure your DNS address. You can Resolve this by changing your DNS to Google’s public DNS address, as primary and as secondary.

Wireless: It is been an important section in the router as it would be the first option you will go after login Netgear router. In the wireless section, you can change the username and password of the wifi. You will also find some advanced setting to enhance the wifi speed.

Parental Control – The parental control feature is also an important feature to secure your child from the unwanted website. This could help you in blocking some website which is harmful to your child. You can also block the internet for a particular time period by using this feature.

Setup Your Netgear Router Wifi

In this section, you can set up your Netgear Wifi by following the sections below.
1. Select your region in the Select region section.
2. In the Wireless Network section Name (SSID) is your Wifi name option. You can name your wifi whatever you want.
3. In the channel, option leave it to auto and in mode set it up to 300 Mbs for high speed.
4. Leave it to check on Enable SSID Broadcast option.
5. In the Security, options select on WPA2-PSK[AES] from the other options.
6. Choose your desire password but make sure it consists of upper case, lower case, digits, and special characters.
7. Congrats your new password has been created.

How to Change Wifi on Netgear Router?

Changing the Wifi Router password is a must step when your internet gets slow. I suggest you change the wifi password at a regular interval of time. You will get this option in the Wireless section of your router admin panel.

1. Login to the admin Pannel of your router
2. Go to the Wireless section of your router.
3. Select the WPA2-PSK[AES] security from all other security options.
4. Set the password below at the Security option. Make sure the password should be unique from the previous one and should have contained upper case, lower case, digit special characters.
5. Your password has been changed now you can enjoy a safer browser.