Forgot Router Password

Forget Router Password or Username here what to do

Remembering a router password or username is a tough job anyone can easily slip that in his head. For those here a complete guide to recovering your router after your forgot router password or username.

If you forgot the username and password of your router just follow these steps and you are gonna recover from it. Resetting the router is the easiest way to recover your router from forgetting the username and password.

forgot router password
forgot router password

You can reset your router withing some seconds we have written a whole guide over it. Follow each step and you get your router’s done. You can also check out the login credentials of Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, Asus, from here.

How to Reset any Router Password to Factory Setting?

If you buy a new router and don’t know the password then you can use these default router password but if you forgot router password then you have reset your router. Follow this guide to reset your router.

Check your IP Address

Router Ip is written on the back of your router but if you still can’t find it then you can look into this default IP. Check the default router login and enter it to the browser address section. There are similar IPs used for every router and these are used to access the admin panel of the router.

Try Default Username and Password

Make sure you are using the default username and password if you are doing it for the first time. Here you can get the default username and password of your router. You have to open your browser and then in the address tab enter the default IP and then your router default credential to login into your router.

Check Username and Password

If you are a regular user and already changed the password then make sure to check that you wrote the correct password and username or not.

How to reset your router

Resetting a router is a simple method to get your username and password back to the default username and password. Follow these to reset your router if you forget your router credentials.

  1. Find the reset button on your router mainly located on the back of every router. The reset button is placed on a small hole.
  2. After you find the reset button press the rest button for 10 seconds to perform the action.
  3. Wait until the router light gonna start flickering. That’s the signal that your action is performing.
  4. Leave the router with untouched for some seconds and collect your default router password from here.
  5. After your router restarts login with default router username and password and accesses the router login for changing router or wifi passwords.

Note: Try to create a hard password as you can to avoid your router password getting hacked.

How to Login in Any router?

Login in your router helps you to get the privileges of changing the router and router wifi username and password. You can login into any router by following these mentions steps below.

  1. Check whether your pc is connected to the router or not
  2. Open any browser in your pc example – Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  3. Open the Address bar of your browser and type your default router IP and press enter.
  4. After that enter your default router password and username and press ok.
  5. Congrats you are now login in your router admin panel.