Setup D-Link Router login IP, Username & Password

Now, these every school, College, Office or even houses need a Router. These router helps to transmit the wifi signals to all over the area so that your device easily connect with them. There are many router company available but D-link router is most preferred routers from them. These routers have some great strength in signal dispersion.

D-link router login

The D-link router has a very easy user interface to understand the functions. They have a router for different styles and price and you can pick according to your use. These D-link router uses some high technology so that you can get a signal in the vast area. They regularly update their interface and software so that they can provide great service.

After you login in the admin panel, you can see the user interface of these router along with the authority to change the username, password of the wifi and the router.

Steps to Login in D-link Wifi Router

1. Make sure your adapter is on and it’s connected to the router.
2. Check if the router is showing the green light or not?
3. Connect your router to with the ethernet cable with one end to the pc or laptop.
4. Open any browser like chrome, opera or Internet Explorer on your computer.
5. In the browser enter or in your address bar and press enter.
6. You will be redirected to the router login page where you have to fill the username & password.
7. Enter username – admin and password – admin in the respective field and press enter.
8. This will redirect you to the admin panel and now you can change the username and password of the router.

Dlink Router Installation

Open any browser in your computer and type the default IP or in the address bar and press enter. A setup page will appear on your screen for internet setup, click on the setup and click on the Internet and then click on a manual Internet connection.

You can either do it with Static Ip or with Username and password.

Static Ip
1. Select on static/dynamic IP Provided by your ISP.
2. Subnet mask:
3. Default Gateway: Provided by your ISP
4. Primary DNS:
5. Secondary DNS:
6. Fill in all the required information and click on SAVE.

Username and Password
1. Set the connection with PPPoE Provided by your ISP
2. Example: Username – admin
3. Example: Password – admin
4. On the address mode select – Dynamic IP
5. Click on Save Setting.

What if you forgot your D-link router Username and password

If you are a new user and then you simply have to log in with username -admin and password – admin but in case you are a regular user and forgot your wifi username and password then you have to reset your router. You need to find the reset button on your router mainly found on the back of the device. Press that button for around five seconds. You have successfully reset your browser and now you can log in with default username and password.

With these two options, you can able to set up your Internet connection.

How to setup Wifi in Dlink router

1. Click on a Wireless Setting.
2. Click the manual wireless setting.
3. Set any desired username – allrouterlogin@4321
4. From the wireless security mode select wpa2-personal
5. Set your desired Wi-Fi password– allrouterlogin@#@
6. Click on Save The Setting.

All this setting helps you to set up your wireless setting in your D-link router.

What if you forgot the Wifi password?

In any case, you will forget your wifi password then you have to reset the router by pressing the reset button from the back of the router. You have to press it for five seconds with a sharp object that maybe a pen. This will reset your wifi and now you have login your wifi router with username – admin and password – admin. After you login then you have to set up your router wifi again.