Admin Login IP, Username and Password

Now, these days almost everyone has an internet connection in homes and offices. Some of them used wired connections while mainly go for the wireless connection. The wireless connection is more convenient you don’t have to deal with the wire. If you ever used wireless connection then you know the router is important for establishing a wireless network.


While setting up a network is a bit difficult work, you have to follow the whole procedure to an established one.

The first step to set up any router is to know the router IP so that you can have access to the admin. By entering the correct username or password you can access the admin and change the desired setting according to your will. In this article, we gonna talk about IP.

What is IP?

192168.1.1 is the IP address that helps you to access the router admin panel. The admin panel helps in changing the username and password of wifi, restricting users of wifi and more. The is the default IP address for your router if you are having an Aztech, Motorola, Linksys, and CenturyLink routers. But there are some other routers like Westell, Billion ADSL, 3com Office Connect, D-Link, Netopia, SparkLAN, Thomson, Billion and more which are using IP.

There are more IP for accessing the admin panel of the different router such as or These Ip’s are also used for the respective router for accessing their private page. Before going for accessing the admin panel just make sure your desktop or mobile is connected to the router.

How to login to router with Ip?

If you are going to login first just make sure your desktop or mobile is connected to the router. Login in the admin panel with IP is gonna easy if you follow our guide. First, make sure your modem is connected with a router with DSL cable. The power cable for modern is on.

1. Open any browser and I use google chrome.
2. Type IP in your browser URL search bar. Make sure your device is connected to your modem.
3. Now you redirected to the login and you have to enter the login and username and password credential.

4. After entering the credential press ok, it redirected you to the router settings panel.

5. Now, you are in the admin panel and you can change the username and password according to your will.

How to change the Router Wifi Password?

If you just set up your modem probably your wifi password is same or weak. For better security, you must change your password and make it tough to guess. Changing password at a regularly internal make a network more secure and hack free.

1. Get into your admin panel by following the above steps.
2. In your router, got to the admin panel.
3. You can see an option Set password. Just enter the old password and then your desired new password.
4. Always use a strong password for your wifi use number, Upper letter, Small letter and special character in your password.
5. Cross check your password and press apply. Forget Username or Password of Router?

If you forget the username or password of your router and can’t able to login into your admin panel than I have an easy trick for you. All you need to do is reset your router by pressing out the reset button. Usually, you can find the reset button on the back of the router.

If you haven’t changed your password or you are a new user then look for the default password and username above.


Is can also be written as 19216811?

No, you have to write as it the standard code that lets you access the login page of your router. Many people do many mistakes like 192.168.11, 192168.ll, 192168.1.1 192168.11, 192.168.o.1.1, 192.168 l 1.1 and many more. You have to enter the right IP and that’s only let you access the important features of your router.