Login IP, Username & Password

Now, these days everyone has a wifi connection at there office, or even at there home. Everyone needs a high speed internet no matter where they are. The wireless network is the only key to stay connected to everywhere. If you want to have the high speed Internet to need to change some of your router setting in your admin panel. Setting like authentication key, network range, ESSID, etc can create a huge push in your internet speed.

In this particular post, we will talk about the IP address login and other details. Well, is the default IP address for Netgear, Tp-link, D-link and other. If you want to change any information about the router you need to login to the admin panel first. We have shared a step to step guide you don’t have to face any issue while login.

What is your router username & password?

The username and password generally depend on the what brand of router you are using. The username and password of the router are also written at the back of the router. You can see the credentials in our default login post or you can try with username – admin and password – admin in your router login. This will redirect you to the admin panel of your router where you can change your settings.

How to access Ip?

The login is a bit easy you can do it without any worry. You just have to know your username and password and your work is done. Follow the steps given below.

1. Connect your Pc with the ethernet cable. This is an important step as you can’t do anything without connecting it.
2. Open any browser and click on the website address bar.
3. Enter the IP in your website address bar and click ok.
4. You will be redirected to the admin panel login page.
5. Enter your router username and password and then press ok.
Note: Default username for this IP is admin and password is also admin.
6. Press the enter and your real work starts from here.

Can’t able to login Check this

1. Make sure you have entered the correct Ip address
2. Check your ethernet cable is connected with the pc or laptop or not.
3. Check if the Firewall is blocking your router IP address. If it then turns it off.
4. Check if the router is indicating the green led or not.

Note: Not every router has a green led.

5. Reset the router to the default setting if the problem still exists.

Forget the Router Username and Password?

If you forget the username and the password of the of your router then press the reset button of the router. The reset button usually lies on the back of the router and you have to press it for 5 seconds. After your router got reset enter the default username and password of the router. This will let you redirect you to the admin panel of your router and you can now access the advanced features.